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Book Series: Disability, Culture & Equity

Teachers College Press is pleased to announce a new book series entitled Disability, Culture, & Equity. The series will explore some of the most pressing contemporary challenges in schools that relate to achieving educational equity for stu¬dents considered different due to the convergence of cultural, language and ability considerations. Central themes in the series include the criti¬cal examination of the nature of competence in increasingly diverse and global societies and the advancement of an interdisciplinary approach to study the intersections of race, ethnicity, social class, language, gender, and disabilities. Books in the series will provide educators, researchers, and policymakers with path breaking research-based knowledge and recommendations for practice that can transform both our understandings of how to educate culturally and linguistically di-verse learners as well as to create equitable cultur¬ally responsive evidence-based school practices and policies.

From Response to Intervention to disproportionate representation of minorities in special education to proven strategies for inclusive classrooms, research, policy, and practice in education are changing rapidly. The cultural and linguistic di¬versity of our nation’s schools will only continue to increase, and the need for educators to develop sound culturally responsive practices is greater than ever. Policymakers are eager to find ways to increase equitable outcomes for all learners. Researchers need to understand the ways in which culture and disability intersect, and the impact of cultural and linguistic differences in educational outcomes. Policymakers, researchers, and practi¬tioners also face complex challenges that include:
• Tensions and contradictions created by multiple federal and state policies that constrain school leaders’ efforts to achieve equity agendas as part of school improvement plans.
• Equity concerns resulting from the impact of high-stakes assessment systems on struggling learners and diverse students,
• Fairness questions raised by current discipline policies and practices in urban schools, and
• Sustainability demands to support teacher learning that results in better outcomes for students with disabilities in inclusive schools.

The Disability, Culture, & Equity Book Series will address this range of needs and issues across the educational community, as it charts new ground in offering an interdisciplinary approach to disability, culture, and equity.

Authors with proposals that might be appropriate for the series should contact Alfredo J. Artiles (, Elizabeth B. Kozleski (, or Brian Ellerbeck, Executive Acquisitions Editor, Teachers College Press, 1234 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027.Visit the Teachers College Press website for guidelines on submitting a proposal:

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The International Multilingual Research Journal

Alfredo J. Artiles andn Jeff MacSwan, Editors
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The International Multilingual Research Journal (IMRJ)

invites scholarly contributions with strong interdisciplinary perspectives to understand and promote bi/multilingualism, bi/multi-literacy, and linguistic democracy. The journal's focus is on these topics as related to languages other than English as well as dialectal variations of English. It has three thematic emphases: The intersection of language and culture, the dialectics of the local and global, and comparative models within and across contexts. The IMRJ is committed to promoting equity, access, and social justice in education, and to offering accessible research and policy analyses to better inform scholars, educators, students, and policy makers.



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