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SPE 791: Critical Issues in Specical Education

The doctoral seminar is designed to prepare students to do theoretically grounded critiques of scientific scholarship. The seminar is also designed to expose students to contemporary critical issues in special and inclusive education systems. For this purpose, we will cover the following topics: 1. Response to Intervention (RTI) with a particular focus on cultural differences. 2. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in multicultural schools. 3. Writing scholarly manuscripts.
Syllabus: Fall 2010 | Spring 2011

SPE 791: Theory and Research on Culture and Disability

This course focuses on culture and social theory and its implications for the construction of ability differences and dis/ability in pluralistic societies. We will focus on one longstanding and controversial case to understand the intersection of culture and disability, namely the disproportionate representation of African American, Native American, and Latino students in high incidence disabilities. The design of the course was guided by two main goals, namely to (a) expose students to an interdisciplinary knowledge base grounded in a complex and dynamic view of culture and (b) understand the key role culture plays in human affairs. An interdisciplinary perspective informs the course; we will review selected scholarship from history, sociology of education, urban sociology, cultural studies, disability studies, cultural psychology, educational and cultural anthropology, and (special) education. I benefitted from syllabi created by Ray McDermott, Jeannie Oakes, Eli Ochs, Gaku Tsuda, and Kris Gutierrez for the design of this seminar.
Syllabus: Spring 2010

DCI 791: Teacher Learning Research

This course is designed for graduate students interested in how teachers learn in our changing society. From a theoretical perspective, a sociocultural view of learning will be emphasized, particularly the scholarship on learning communities. The course also focuses on teacher learning related to cultural differences. A central goal of the course is to identify potential lines of research on teacher learning about cultural differences.
Syllabus: Fall 2009

SPE 514: Introduction to Bilingual/Multicultural Special Education

This course offers an introductory overview of special education for culturally and linguistically diverse exceptional (CLDE) learners. The course is based on an interdisciplinary perspective and covers an extensive body of information that relates to five broad topics, namely (a) background (the sociohistorical contexts of CLD students’ education), (b) foundations of bilingual/multicultural special education, (c) assessment issues, (d) program and instruction issues, and (e) contemporary issues in the education of CLDE students.



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